The GPS/phone watch with usage plan for Canadian families

4G/LTE connection

  • GPS/LBS/WiFi location
  • Two-way voice messages
  • SMS/Text Messages
  • Security zone (Geofencing)
  • NOVELTY! Phone calls now available!

IMPORTANT, READ : (How accurate is the location?)

Buy my GPS watch and choose my plan

The GPS watch! presented by its founder!!

Let's take care of their world together, one step at a time

A GPS watch including the usage package.

A turnkey, affordable and reliable offer!

Communicate and localize !

User Guide (French)

User Guide (English)

15-day satisfaction guarantee

Our primary goal is your satisfaction. Consult the terms of our 15-day satisfaction guarantee! plans


Perfect for GPS tracking and communication via voice messages and SMS




Suitable for location tracking, voice messaging, SMS and audio-video communications


NB: The “basic” and “Maxi” packages do not include the voice option



Suitable for location tracking, voice message communication, SMS and telephone communication


frequently asked Questions

What is the delivery delay

Your ready-to-use watch will be prepared and sent within 24-48 business hours. Delivery is made via express Post. 4-6 working days are necessary between your order and receipt of them

Can I use the watch to make phone calls?

With the voice package, it is possible to make phone calls with the watch.

  1. The plan includes 50 minutes/month and you will receive an email when you reach 40 minutes.
  2. The package is valid in Canada only
  3. The Voice package includes 50 MB of data, allowing the use of positioning and voice messages (no “facetime” communications)

What is the battery life?

The watch can remain "stand by" for almost a week. In normal use, you need to recharge the watch approximately every 3 days.

What are the means of communication with the watch?

Thanks to the SeTracker2 application, you can communicate with your child in 2 ways:

  1. Two-way voice messages (All our plans allow this)
  2. Audio-video chat, facetime style. (Maxi plan is required) If you can't find this function, here's how to fix the situation

Finally, with the voice package, the watch allows phone calls!

Quickly learn the basic features of the GPS watch.

Some helpful videos!

Receiving your watch

Here are the first steps after receiving your GPS watch for children


Basic setup with app

The first steps to take in order to be able to use your children's GPS watch to ensure the safety of your child!


The basic functions of your watch!

Discover the basic features of your new children's GPS watch, with a data plan for Quebec and Canada. For any additional needs, refer to our User Guide!


Our mission

Reduce parent stress and increase child happiness with safe, affordable and user-friendly GPS solutions

Our vision

Our vision is to become the Canadian leader in children's GPS watches, providing reliable and innovative solutions for family peace of mind. We aim for a world where the safety of children and the well-being of parents are ensured, while promoting children's autonomy. Our goal is to be the first choice for families to provide them with superior protection and unparalleled security.

Our Distinction

We have chosen a GPS watch for children that guarantees stability and reliability , perfectly adapted to the Canadian network . Our subscription has been specially designed for Canadian families, offering the most competitive rate available , while respecting Canadian telecommunications standards.

The safety of your children is based on mutual trust between and you, our valued customers!

Consult the user guide

We recommend that you read our user guide. There you will find details on the functionalities, types of geolocation and how to use the application.

You will also find solutions to different situations that you could experience with the watch or the application.