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Screen protectors (packs of 2)

Screen protectors (packs of 2)

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Self-adhesive screen protector to prevent breakage affecting the watch screen. Plan to change it regularly, depending on how your child uses it.
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FAQ section

1. What age group is suitable for this smart watch?

  • Our GPS smart watch is designed for children aged 3-12.

2. How does real-time location tracking work?

  • The smartwatch uses GPS technology to provide precise location data, which you can view through our app.

3. What are the security features of the smart watch?

  • The smartwatch includes an SOS button that allows your child to send an alert in case of an emergency. You will be informed immediately via the app.
  • The watch allows you to set up a geofence
  • The watch allows you to communicate via two-way voice messages at any time with your child