GPS/WiFi/LBS location accuracy

The 3 localization technologies used are
1. GPS satellite Approximate accuracy: 5 to 15 m
2. Wi-Fi network Approximate accuracy: 50 to 200 m
3. Cell triangulation (LBS) Approximate accuracy: 200 m to 5 km


GPS positioning is very precise but requires access to 4 GPS satellites to allow triangulation, which is generally possible outdoors. To enable positioning even in areas with poor GPS coverage, the watch is equipped with a WiFi sensor.

During WiFi positioning, the databases of major suppliers are used to geographically position the WiFi information captured. These databases may be incorrect, which may result in false localization.

It is important to know that all GPS positioning technologies of this type face this limitation . Wifi capture is a security element allowing the device to be positioned when the GPS signal is insufficient (for example, in a building). Such a false location does not indicate a problem with the watch but rather relates to the possible inaccuracy of the databases.

Please consider this fact in your expectations of GPS watch technology.

Conditions of sale

15-day satisfaction guarantee

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To ensure that each of our customers sees their expectations met by our offer, we offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee . If, within 15 days of ordering, your experience does not meet your expectations, write to us at contact@safekid.ca to request a refund.

Repayment Terms:

After a refund request, a shipping label will be sent by email. You must return all accessories, including the box, in perfect condition. Upon receipt of the equipment, Safekid.ca will reimburse you for the initial purchase, from which shipping costs will be deducted (approximately $15 for shipping and $15 for return). Note that a $15 handling fee will be removed from the refund.

For more information on limitations and features, please see the “Security and Liability” section below.


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Every product we offer is backed by a 6-month limited manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase. This insurance only concerns the original buyer and cannot be transferred to another owner of the watch. If, following a warranty request, an item is replaced, the initial warranty continues without extension of duration.

This warranty focuses on defects related to electronic parts. It does not cover damage due to daily use, incidents, improper handling, exposure to water or any other deterioration not linked to a manufacturing defect. Although our watches and GPS trackers are water tolerant, they are not completely waterproof. Avoid prolonged immersion to prevent failure. Incidents such as damaged screens or damaged or misplaced bracelet elements are not covered.

When requesting warranty intervention, Safekid.ca gives itself the right to choose between repair or replacement with a similar product, if the original product is no longer in stock. We evaluate each request individually and decide whether to approve or reject it. Costs associated with sending the product for examination, repair or exchange are the responsibility of the buyer. To make use of the warranty, it is imperative to contact us, provide proof of purchase if requested, and follow the return steps that will be indicated to you.

Safety and responsibility

IMPORTANT: GPS watches and GPS trackers should not replace adult supervision for any person. Do not rely solely on your GPS watch or GPS tracker to locate the person under your surveillance.

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure, prior to purchase, that the locations where the GPS device is intended to be used are covered by a cellular network compatible with the device's specifications and that the signal is sufficiently strong to ensure proper operation. The buyer can consult the Canadian Cellular Towers Map to verify the presence of cellular antennas in the locations where the buyer plans to use the GPS device. Safekid.ca is not affiliated with this site and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data it contains. Safekid.ca cannot guarantee network coverage, network type, cellular signal strength or quality in any given location.

You may terminate your monthly subscription at the conclusion of each month, and your annual subscription at the end of the current year. However, these subscriptions are not eligible for a refund. Regardless of the duration of use or the quantity of data not consumed during the subscription period, no compensation, total or partial, will be granted. In the event of a network problem, whether due to unsatisfactory coverage, an incompatible network or a weak signal, the customer will not be able to claim a refund of their subscription. However, cancellation is possible at the end of the current billing cycle, by contacting Safekid.ca.

Safekid.ca is not responsible for GPS device malfunctions caused by use in an area not covered or poorly covered by the 3G or 4G cellular network, nor if the GPS device cannot be located by GPS satellites .

  1. Safekid.ca declines all responsibility in the event of accidents, damage, loss, injury, disappearance or death occurring during the use of our products and services.